The Name "Mangajin"

Mangajin is a made-up word combining manga ("comics/cartoons") and jin ("person/people"). It sounds almost like the English word "magazine" as rendered in Japanese--magajin. Because it's a made-up word, the meaning is somewhat open to interpretation; it could refer to the "people" in the comics, or a person who enjoy reading them.

Japanese people usually get the pun right away, especially if they see the name, but over the years Mangajin staffers had more than one experience of talking to a Japanese person (sometimes in English, sometimes in Japanese) and saying "I'm with Mangajin," only to have them come back with "Yes, but which mangajin?"

Mangajin is a terrific way for foreign residents of Japan to improve their Japanese and to gain insights into Japanese society. There’s none of the phoniness of ordinary textbooks; Mangajin offers real Japanese language in real situations. Plus, the manga are fun to read and the translations are incredibly good.

“All in all, Mangajin is an educational and thoroughly entertaining way to keep up with modern Japan.” ---- T. R. Reed, Ex-Tokyo Bureau Chief, Washington Post 

Back Issues

Publication of Mangajin ceased in 1998, but we still distribute 30 of the 70 issues that were published. The main focus of the magazine, the authentic Japanese manga, is timeless material. A back issue + accompanying tape is a language experience you won't soon forget. The available issues are as listed here(click).

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